Mat Louwrens, Professional Artist, Sand Paintings, Oils, Watercolours and Sculpture


Karoo Sunset Mists at Rhino's Horn Forest Walk Champagne Castle  

Sand Paintings

Bushveld Magic (1metre x 60cm) Sunset Riders (1metre x 60cm) Spotlight on Cathkin peak (1metre x 60cm) Aloe Sunset ( 1metre x 60cm) Impala Country (1metre x 60cm)
Desert Mists (70 x 40cm) Angry (70 x 40cm) Pristine beach (1metre x 60cm) Flow Tide (1metre x 600cm) Thoughtful (60cm x 1 metre)
Snowy Sani Pass (1metre x 40cm) Mr and Mrs Kudu (1 metre x 60 cm) West Coast cottages (70 x 40cm) Fish beware (70 x 40cm) Cathkin peak panorama (I metrre X 60 cm)
Brothers (1 Metre x 60 cm) Nguni Bull (1 metre x 60 cm) Cathkin Peak (1 metre x 60 cm) Winter Reflections (1metre x 60cm) Karoo Sunset (1metre x 60cm)
Flat Out (1metre x 60cm) Moonlit Sea (70 x 40cm)      

Sand Sculptures

Sculptures finished in the normal sand surface

umZumbe - The sugar bean nTenjane - The crowned Plover iVukuthu - The Rock Pigeon iQokolo - The Kei Apple Amatshe - Stones
iKhozi - The Black Eagle        


Cheetah Family Stealthily Danger Lurking Lurking Wary


Elf in the waves Dawn Ride Rocky Shore    


Pictures of nothing

Rock Face Shonalanga Moon River Mistrees Wheatfields


Honeymooners Natal   Pastoral Autumn Morning Autumn's Glory Grazers


Hilltop Sunset Halocination Tuscany Patio Gloaming Coffee time


West coast fishing fleet Highover Aloes De Hoop Dunes Dusty Road Our  green valley

Naomi's Paintings

Woodland glade - Oil painting Six roses - Acrylics Seascape in oils Roses - Watercolours Roses in watercolours
Aloes at highover Fruit and Flowers - Oil painting Farm roses - Oil painting Cosmos country - Oil painting Catching sunbeams
Arum Flagstone pathway Magnolia Dell Misty Morn Rosebowl delight

Misc / General

Anything that doesn't fit into any of the other categories...

Boats Good morning Kalk Bay Simonstown bay Waterfront tug The Kiss

Naomi's miniature Watercolours

Miniature watercolours depicting local scenes and african dwellings and rural life

Winter stream Water carriers Thatchers busy Supper's cooking Rural huts
Rural Dwellings Near Oribi Gorge Misty Ixopo farm Ixopo evening
Muzis (dwellings) and sugar cane fields Impendhle district Fixing the leak Family dwellings Approaching Sani pass
Aloes Xhosa huts African huts